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Many activities :

New for 2010 : You could participate to count the butterflies from the garden of the cottage with Noé Conservation.

♥ Ride and the discovery of Parc du Morvan, map topo, binoculars and topo-guide are available.

riviere du morvan Lac de Chamboux

♥ Fauna and flora from the Morvan

Escargot de Bourgogne

♥ Fishing at the river or lake : you can buy map of fishing to Moux and Saulieu.

♥ Horse-riding to Alligny (Le Ranch)

♥ Sailing, canoeing to the Lac des Settons ( near 15 km )

♥ With nearly 2300 km of marked circuits, which start from about twenty tows, The Morvan is the biggest place of VTT-FFC of France. There are over 120 marked cicuits by 4 to 50 km for novice biker and specialist biker.

Official web site of VTT in the Morvan.

Le Lac des Settons

You could see :

♥ Lakes and Museum...

♥ The town of Autun : That is a Gallo-Roman town. We can see its famous Saint-Lazard cathedral. We can see the medieval sculptural art with its majestic tympanum and its capitals. The museum Rolin shows Gallo-Roman sculptures to contemporary paints.

♥ Bibracte, Town " des Gaules" ...it's a famous town, known for the study of the Celtic civilization -  Museum. This area is a GRAND SITE DE FRANCE.®.

Les amphores de Bibracte Cathedrale de Veselay

♥ Vézelay and its cathedral...........♥ Beaune and Dijon...

A découvrir

♥ There are many summer festivals in the Morvan : in Saulieu ( Les Nuits Cajun ), in Anost ( la fête de la Vielle ), in Vézelay ( les Rencontres musicales )....

♥ Bric-a-brac sale, flea market...


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